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Ultimate List of Fun Drinking Games For 2 People (Couples Or Friends)

Generally, drinking games are known to be fun-filled. They are often used to make everyone come out of their shells so that the party (or picnic!) can be as engaging as it can be. Unfortunately, the majority of drinking games require lots of players.

So, if you are having an intimate date night with your loved one or plan a great time with your friend, you may have a hard time finding the best fun drinking games for 2 people online. Well, don’t worry; we have compiled the ultimate list of fun drinking games for 2 individuals.

Here Are Top 19 Drinking Games for 2 People

Beer Pong

What it’s about: The classic beer pong is arguably the most popular drinking game of all time. The rules can be as minimal or maximal as the players desire, and the number of players, cups and game variations is practically endless!

What you need: A rectangular table at least 2 metres in length for the playing surface, at least 1 ping pong ball, 20 red cups and 1 spare cup (which will be used as the water/cleaning cup), and plenty of beer!

How it’s played: Take the 20 red cups and split them equally amongst the 2 teams/players; 10 each. At each end of the rectangular table place the 10 cups into a triangular formation, such that there are 4 cups in the bottom row, 3 cups in the next row, 2 cups in the next row, and 1 single cup at the very front of the pyramid.

Fill each of the cups with a small amount of beer (depending on how heavy duty your game is!). Each player must take it in terms to stand at their end of the table, and throw the ping pong ball over-handed, into one of their opponents cups. If the ball goes into one of the cups, the defending player must drink the beer from that cup, and flip it over.

Play goes on in alternating turns until one player has no more cups left to turn over – at which point the other player wins.

Be sure to wash the ping pong ball in the water cup from time to time because the ball can get pretty grim and grimy as it bounces all over the floor and into your drinks!


What it’s about: Quarters is an interesting and simple drinking game that is recommended for couples or friends.

What you need: To play this game, you need cups, alcohol as well as quarters.

How it’s played: The rule is that each player has to bounce quarters off the table until it gets into a cup that is filled with alcohol. If your quarters land inside the cup, the other player has to drink the alcohol.

If you don’t like the idea of drinking alcohol from the same cups where quarters have already entered, you can use an empty cup and keep the alcohol in another cup.

So, whenever a player bounces the quarters into the cup, the other player will drink the alcohol from the second cup.

Truth or Dare or Drink

What it’s about: Truth or Dare is a classic game that is played all around the world. But you can twist it around to become Truth or Dare or Drink. Now, you are adding alcohol to it to ensure that you have a swell time with your friend or heartthrob.

What you need: With alcohol and cups, you are good to go.

How it’s played: Truth or Dare or Drink still has a similar pattern to the Truth or Dare that you have already known. That is, each player has to complete the challenge of the dare or answer the truth.

Nevertheless, if they don’t want to do any of the two, they can choose to take alcohol. Of course, you need to make the dare and truth as crazy as possible so that the other player will no other option than to go for drinking alcohol.

Higher or Lower

What it’s about: One of the most amazing things about Higher or Lower is that it is simple to play. Whether you have played before or not, you can learn and start having fun with it within a few minutes. Also, the game is quick, so you don’t have to spend the whole day on it.

What you need: Deck of cards and alcohol. If you don’t have a deck of cards, download a card deck app on your mobile device.

How it’s played: Shuffle the card and the dealer of the cards will put down a card that has been selected from the top of the deck.

Afterward, the second person will guess whether the next card on the card has a higher or lower number than the card on the ground. If the guesser is wrong, they have to drink alcohol. But if they are right, the dealer has to take the drinks.

If you want to learn more about Higher and Lower, check out the rules here.

Edward 40 Hands

What it’s about: This game is quite extreme when compared to the other drinking games on this list. However, it is great if you want things to get messy as you and your partner get immersed in the fun time you are having.

What you need: 40 oz beer bottle, duct tape, and alcohol.

How it’s played: The two players need to duct tape the bottle filled with alcohol to their two hands. Then, you need to gulp all the alcohol at a go.

Whoever finishes the bottle first wins the game. You should play this game outside so that you can have enough space to react to the effect of downing lots of alcohol so quickly.


What’s it about: The game took most of its instructions from Fricket, which is another interesting game. Beersbee is an easy Frisbee game that can get you and your friend or partner wasted. It is the perfect drinking game for anyone that has a lot of time to spend.

What you need: Frisbee, bottle, and alcohol. Also, you need a playing ground, backyard, or field that allows you to throw the Frisbee without any worry.

How it’s played: Stand at one end of the field while your opponent stands at the other end. Each play will stand their bottles and throw the Frisbee ton knock off the bottle of the other player at the other end. You get a point each time you knock off the bottle.

The total point a player can get is 11; however, you need to switch sides when a team scores up to 6 points. To make it more fun, you can add point reduction and penalty to this drinking game.

Drunk Bullshit

What it’s about: Drunk Bull$hit may not be as popular as the majority of the drinking games on this list, but it is surely one of the most engaging.

It has been created from a card game that is known as Bull$hit. Generally, it is played like Bull$hit but you need to add alcohol to bring everyone out of their shells.

What you need: A deck of card and alcohol.

How it’s played: One of the two players will pick up the deck and check the cards. The players will now take turns to put all the 2s, 3s, 4, 5s, 6s, etc. on the table.

When they are done with all the cards, the bullshitter will check the card and then lie about the particular cards positioned on the table.

If the second person says “Bullshit” and it is discovered that the bullshitter has lied, the bullshitter quaff the alcohol. If the call is wrong, then it is time for the second player to take the drink.

Two Truths and a Lie

What it’s about: This is one of the best drinking games for lovers that want to share awesome time. If you are just getting to know each other, this game ensures that everyone opens up about themselves.

Furthermore, the Two Truths and a Lie game does not require any special tools for you to play it. People in long-time relationships may not enjoy it as much.

What you need: Drinks.

How it’s played: Start the game by stating two truths and one lie about yourself. You don’t have to list the truths and lie in a particular order. The second person has to identify the truths as well as the lie.

If the second person identifies them correctly, the first player will have to gulp the drinks. However, if the second player is wrong, they will have to take the drinks themselves.

Then, the second player lists their truths and lie, etc. Continue learning about your lover in a relaxed manner as you play Two Truths and a Lie. Make the drink a single shot per round so that no one gets too drunk.

Mario Kart Wiisted Drinking Game

What it’s about: There are tons of Mario Kart drinking games but you can hardly find anyone that beats Mario Kart Wiisted Drinking Game. This video game for two players is about rewarding the players for where the end their race.

What you need: Drinks, cups and Nintendo Wii

How it’s played: Foremost, each player should get 3 red cups that are half-filled with liquor. You should choose a track that features lots of positions so that each player can easily fall off the track.

You play the game like the standard Mario Kart race but the person that falls off the edge must down a cup of beer. With this game, everyone gets tipsy and has as much fun as possible.

Mind Meld

What it’s about: Mind Meld is a drinking game that is ideal for only two players. In fact, having more than two players makes this game more complex and less interesting. Notably, the game is easy to play and makes you connect to your lover.

What you need: Apart from beer, you don’t need any item to play this game.

How it’s played: To play Mind Mend, you and your partner should look at each other. Afterward, count down to one from three and say any word. While still looking at each other, both of you need to say a word that the two words you said earlier have in common.

For instance, you could say “Italy” and your partner could say “Madrid”. Then, the word that the two words have in common will be “Europe”. Of course, there are times when you will not find a common word for the first two words and that’s where the fun is. When you can’t find a common word, both of you will take the booze.

As you look at your lover while playing the game, an intimate atmosphere will be created. So, this is the perfect game for you to bond with your lover and spend the day in each other’s arms.

Flip Cup

What it’s about: Although Flip Cup is generally known as a game for several individuals, there is no crime in playing it with your lover or friend. Also called Flippy Cup or Canoe, this game is highly recommended for a cozy evening with your partner.

What you need: A flat surface, drinks, and solo cups.

How it’s played: Put the same amount of solo cups that are filled with beer on each side of the table. One person has to kick-off the game by gulping their beer.

The person places it down on the table’s edge and then flips the cup completely upside down with their fingers. Once the solo cup is successfully flipped, then the next person will do the same thing. The fastest person to flip all cups wins the game.

Never Have I Ever

What it’s about: This is a common drinking game that most lovers enjoy playing. It helps people to open up about several things that they have never done in a frolicsome way.

Keep it light and impersonal, and you will have the time of your life, especially if you don’t know much about your partner.

What you need: As long as you have your booze with you, you don’t need any other items.

How it’s played: One of the two players will say something that they have never done before. Make it more playful by saying crazy, wild, or suggestive activities that will make the other person also to open up about themselves. For instance, you can say “Never have I ever cheated on my exes”.

If the other player has done it, they will have to drink. However, if they have never done it, they won’t drink. You need to switch turns and let the second person say what they have never done and repeat the cycle.


What it’s about: Match is one of the well-known drinking games that combine both card and dice. This gleeful game is straightforward, so you can hardly have any issues with playing it with your friend or sweetheart.

What you need: To play Match, you need beers, dice and two decks of card.

How it’s played: Each player shuffles a deck of cards and exchanges the deck with the other person. One of the players rolls the dice and both of them check the number displayed on it.

Then they will race to look for the card with the number on the dice. Whoever finds the card first wins the game. Notably, the loser needs to take the beer. The players should take turns rolling the dice.

Flip, Sip or Strip

What it’s about: Do you want crazy fun with your partner? Look no further than Flip, Sip, or Strip. This drinking has all elements of naughtiness but it will surely make you enjoy the time spent with your lover. Also, it can help you get down and dirty with your partner quickly.

What you need: All you need are booze and coin

How it’s played: Someone starts the game by flipping a coin. The other person needs to guess whether the coin was flipped with the head or tail.  Correct guessing means that they don’t have to drink. Then, they will also have a chance to flip the coin.

However, their guess is wrong; they need to gulp the booze. They won’t get a chance to flip yet but they need to guess another flip. If their guess is right, it will be their turn. But if they are wrong again, they must take off their clothes.

Pinky Mcdrinky

What it’s about: This is a simple dice game that doesn’t require much learning to play.

What you need: With two white dices, one pink dice, and beers, you are set to play Pinky Mcdrinky.

How it’s played: One of the other, the players will roll the pink dice. Afterward, each of the players rolls a white dice. If the number of someone’s white dice matches the number of the pink one, the person wins the game.

The loser has to chug alcohol. But if nobody wins, you have to continue rolling the dice until someone wins. Alternatively, you could change the rule a bit to make the two players take booze if nobody’s dice matches the pink one.

Naughty Dice Drinking Game

What it’s about: If your partner is just a friend, this game is not for you. This is because the Naughty Dice Drinking Game can make you do the naughtiest and dirtiest things that may make both of you get down.

What you need: All you need is a set of adult dice. You can get one at your local adult store.

How it’s played: This game is easy to play. Both players should take turns to roll the naughty dice they have. Some instructions are on each side of the dice.

Each player must adhere to the instruction on the side of the dice that turns up. Well, if they don’t want to do what the dice says, they must take the booze.

Casino Russian Roulette

What it’s about: This serves as the casino edition of the popular Russian Roulette. With a spin of the roulette, the game will start and everyone can get wasted with drinks.

What you need: Casino Roulette set and alcohol

How it’s played: Fill 16 shot glasses with alcohol. Make sure that the glasses are appropriately numbered. Let one of the players take the glasses with even numbers while the other person is assigned the odd-numbered ones.

Take turns to spin and anybody whose number comes up has to take the corresponding shot. With this game, everyone gets a chance to gulp the drinks in front of them.

TV Show Drinking Game

What it’s about: If you and your lover or friend share a particular TV show, this drinking is for you. If not, check another drinking game on this list.

What you need: Drinks, TV, paper, and pen will come in handy.

How it’s played: Foremost, the two players need to write different themes and quotes in the show. For instance, if you want to watch Game of Throne, you can mention some of the quotes of Tyrion Lannister or how he enjoys taking alcohol and having women in his bed.

When you are done with the list, you should start watching the TV show. Both of you will drink alcohol whenever anything on your list happens.

Speed Facts

What it’s about: If you want to assess how much your lover knows about you, Speed Fact offers you a chance to do so. If you have just met your partner recently, consider other drinking games on this ultimate list.

What you need: You only need booze.

How it’s played: Sit and face each other. Then you take turns to mention some amazing facts about your partner. When a player states three incorrect things, they have to chug the booze. This game lets you share an intimate moment with your partner in a relaxed environment.

Power Hour

What it’s about: Power Hour is an interesting drinking game. But you need to be cautious because you may end up getting drunk so much that you don’t know what’s going on again. Also, you may experience a hangover after the game, so tread carefully.

What you need: Shot glasses and beer.

How it’s played: Each player takes one shot of booze each minute for sixty consecutive minutes. Anyone that finishes all six shots is the winner.


Even though these are awesome drinking games, you need to be careful. Don’t allow anyone to get too drunk and spoil the fun. In addition, you and your partner must drink responsibly.

Rage Cage Rules

Rage Cage, also known as Stack Cup, is a popular drinking game which largely resembles games like Slap Cup, Boom Cup, and Chandeliers. People who love the game are usually those who find beer pong slow-paced or boring.

This game has a reputation for getting people extremely drunk, and with its fast pace and challenging rules, it is quite exciting as well.

To play Rage Cage, you’ll need to gather at least four players although 7 to 8 would be best. You’ll also require two ping pong balls, 20 or so cups, and a table. The more people there are, the livelier (and messier) it can usually get.

Make sure to increase the number of cups if you have many people playing. About 20+ cups in a group of 6 to 8 people are recommended. Rage Cage can even be played with 30 or so cups! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play the game.

1. Get the Cups Ready

Arrange around 20 to 30 cups closely packed at the center of a table. Fill all the cups except the center one about 1/3 to 1/4 full with whatever you’re going to drink in the game. Most people prefer beer. The center cup needs to be filled whole with the drink.

2. Start Playing!

All players should arrange themselves equally spaced around the table. Chant a backwards countdown from 3 to 1, and the game begins.

Any two players sitting across from each other on opposite sides of the table start the game by drinking from a cup, then each of them must bounce a ping pong ball into their empty cup. This has to be done quickly to keep the game going at its fast pace.

3. Pass It On

Once their ball goes inside the cup, the players will pass it along with the cup clockwise to another player. If the next player succeeds in getting the ball in at the first try, they can pass their cup randomly to anyone except someone who is still bouncing.

4. Stack

Players will continue to bounce the ball into the cup and pass it clockwise (or randomly in case they get the ball in on their first try). This keeps going on until one player bounces the ball inside while another player is still trying.

The successful player will now stack their cup over the other player’s, and the other player will pass on the stack and take a new cup, drink from it, and proceed to bounce the ball into it.

5. Bouncing Into the Wrong Cup

If while trying to land the ping pong ball into your cup you accidentally bounce it into one of the center cups, you need to pick that up, drink from it, stack it over the cup you already had, and continue trying to bounce the ball into it.

This will be a test for your senses as you get further intoxicated and the difficulty also increases due to the heightened (stacked) cup. Pass it forward only when you succeed.

6. Ending the Game

As it continues, the difficulty of Rage Cage keeps increasing because of two reasons. One is that the players get more and more drunk, making it hard to aim the ball inside the cup.

Secondly, the cups keep getting stacked higher and higher, each one increasing the difficulty level of your aim.

The game ends when all the cups are gone except the middle one, stacked over each other.

Further Rules and Tips

  • Keeping around 3 to 4 cups per person is a good estimate for one game.
  • This is a fast-paced game – either you show some speed or you risk getting very drunk by the end.
  • At times, a player might end up with both cups and balls. This happens when they’ve already been failing at bouncing a single ball into the cup and the person next to them succeeds and passes their cup to the already struggling player. This makes them lose the round, and now they must take a cup from the center and drink from it. They also need to choose two players who will have to take the cups and continue the game.
  • Whoever loses the last round has to drink the middle full cup at the center.
  • Responsible drinking is very essential in this game since most people end up entirely wasted and majorly unfit to drive. Always keep a few extra bucks for the cab ride home if you’re going out to play Rage Cage.

Rage On!

There’s nothing like a good party to help you relax, and nothing like a heavy game of Rage Cage to get you hungover. Play by the rules and enjoy the challenge!

Image Source: via Tumblr by mhizznaii

Backgammon Rules

Are you familiar with the game called backgammon? Well, backgammon is one of the oldest games for 2 players that have existed for more than 5,000 years.

The Setup

The game can be played on a board that consists of 24 narrow triangles, which is called points. The triangles are colored alternatively and then grouped in 4 quadrants of 6 triangles each.

These quadrants are known as the home board and the outer board of the player and his/her opponent. The home and outer boards are divided from each other through a ridge down the bar or the middle of the board.

Get the backgammon set on or

The points are then numbered for each player starting from the home board of the player. The outermost point is the 24 point, which is also the one point of the opponent.

This also gives each player 24 points, 5 on each player’s 13 points, 3 on the player’s 8 points, and 5 on each 6 points of the player. Both of the players will have their own pair of dice in which a dice cup will be used for checking.

The current stake of the game will be kept track with a doubling cube having the numbers 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64.

Object Of The Game

In order to win, you have to the first to bear off all of your checkers. This is because the object of the game is to move all your checkers into your own home board before bearing them off.

Checkers Movement

A single dice must be thrown by each player in order to start the game. This will determine who will be the one to go first as well as the numbers to be played.

In case if both draw the same numbers, they will have to draw again until they get different numbers. The one throwing the bigger number will move his checkers based on the numbers showing on both dice.

The 2 players will throw 2 dices and alternate turns after the first roll. The roll of the dice will determine how many points the player is to move his checkers.

The checkers are moved forward always to a lower-numbered point. Thus, the following rules will apply.

  • A checker may only be moved to an open point, where it is not occupied by 2 or more opposing checkers.
  • The numbers of the 2 dices will get separate moves. For instance, if a player rolls 5 and 3, he may move one checker 5 spaces to an open point.

Another checker will be moved 3 spaces to an open point. He may also move the 1 checker a total of 8 spaces to an open point, but only when the intermediate point is also open.

  • The player who rolls doubles will play the numbers displayed on the dice twice. The player will have 4 sixes to use if the roll shows 6 and 6. He/she may also move any combination of checkers that seems to be appropriate to complete the requirement.
  • A player should use both numbers of a roll only if legally possible or all 4 numbers of a double. This means that when a number can be played, he/she must play that number.

If either number can be played, the player should play the larger one. But if he/she can’t use the number, it will cause him/her to lose a turn.

Alternatively, if in case of doubles, the player must play as many numbers as possible, considering the 4 numbers are not playable.

Hitting and Entering

A blot is a point occupied by a single checker of either color. When an opponent lands on a blot, the blot is hit and will be placed on the bar.

Each time a player has one or more checkers on the bar, he/she must enter those checkers into the opposing home board.

The checker is entered by moving it into an open point that corresponds to 1 of the numbers on the dice rolled.

Bearing Off

The bearing off will commence once a player has already moved all of his 15 checkers into his home board.

The player will bear off a checker by rolling a number corresponding to the point on which the checkers are, which then be removed from the board.


A player who thinks that he/she has enough advantage can propose the doubling of stakes. This can be possible at the start of his/her turn and before he/she has rolled the dice.

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Featured image credit: Ptkfgs [Public domain]

Kings Cup Rule Variations

It is said that no two games of Kings Cup or Ring of Fire are the same since variations to this game are quite common and you can make up your own rules as well.

You can give the cards different meanings, or set conditions for players which, when not followed, have to be compensated by a penalty drink.

Here are some common variations:

Variations for Ace


Upon drawing an ace, you have to pick another player and race them to drink a full cup.


Upon drawing an ace, all players have to slap your face. The one who slaps you last has to drink.

Variations for 2


When the card 2 is drawn, everyone has to exchange seats with another player. The last one to settle down drinks.

Variations for 3


3 almost always means ‘me’. However, you can bring a twist to the game by making 3 stand for a change in the direction of the game from clockwise to anti-clockwise.

Variations for 4


The typical ladies-only 4 rule can be substituted by this variation. Whoever draws this card has to draw a dinosaur on another player’s face.

Variations for 5

  • 5 IS JIVE

Whoever draws this card has to do a dance move and drink.

Alternately, whoever draws this card has to do a dance move. The next person has to repeat the move and add another move as well, and the player after that has to repeat the sequence and include a further move too.

This goes on until someone makes a mistake in the dance sequence, and that person has to drink.

  • 5 IS DRIVE

Draw this card and you can steer the game in the direction you want. Hold an imaginary steering wheel and turn it in the direction you want the game to go while saying ‘VROOM’.

The next player can keep the game going in the same direction with a ‘VROOM’, or change the direction with ‘SKKRT’.


When this card is drawn, all players have to dive under the table. Whoever does this last has to drink.

Variation for 6


This ‘men’s only’ card can be used another way, too. Whoever draws it becomes the ‘thumb master’. The thumb master can put their thumb on the table at any point in the game, and other players have to follow.

The last one to do these drinks. The thumb master changes when another player draws this card.

Variations for 7


Whoever picks this card has ‘snake eyes’. Whenever they make eye contact with another player throughout the game, that player must drink.


It’s a group rule. Players take turns saying numbers from 1 in sequence. However, the player after ‘6’ has to say ‘BUZZ’ instead of 7.

Actually all multiples of 7 should be replaced with ‘BUZZ’. Whoever misses the ‘BUZZ’ has to drink.

Variation for 8


Draw an 8, and you get to choose a player and make them drink until you say ‘stop’. However, if they finish their drink before you say stop, they get to do the same with you.


Here are some general rules you can introduce to the game for added fun before you begin.


The three D’s are the words ‘drink’, ‘drank’, and ‘drunk’. You can make it a rule to avoid saying these three words throughout the game. Whoever slips must have a penalty drink.


Left-handed players have to hold their drink with their right hand at all times during the game. Similarly, right-handed players have to use their left hand to hold their drinks. Whoever is caught doing otherwise gets a penalty drink.


Simply introduce this rule into your game so that players aren’t allowed to point their fingers at each other. Unable to follow? Penalty drink!


In the Australian version of the game, this one replaces Give Two Take Two. For a smoking break or a trip to the loo, you need to possess the Smoko card or trade it from another player by fulfilling a certain condition (like refilling drinks when needed or talking in a funny voice).


This one is another Australian variation of the game in which the Joker card is added. Whoever draws this card has to take a bong hit of pure good Cush.

You can also think up rules by yourself and introduce them to your game. King’s Cup aka Ring of Fire is pretty flexible, and part of the fun is trying out new rules and setting new challenges so that you never get bored!

Connect Four: What You Need to Know to Play the Game

Before there were gadgets, board games were the preferred form of entertainment for a lot of people. And for those who love a good game of abstract strategy, Connect Four was a huge hit.

Also known as Captain’s Mistress, Plot Four and Four in a Row, this game designed by Ned Strongin and Howard Wexler were released by Milton Bradley in 1974 and it continues to be a favorite up to this day.

The gameplay

The objective of Connect Four is pretty straightforward: whoever is the first to form a diagonal, horizontal or vertical line of four of the same colors wins the game.

This means that each player needs to make the right moves and implement proper strategies to connect four checkers in a row while preventing the opponent from doing the same.

This two-player game is highly enjoyable and exhilarating, which is why it’s still enjoyed by a lot of people today.

The rules

The Connect Four board game comes with a grid, two ends supports and 21 each of red and black checkers. The rules of the game are simple:

  • Each player will be given 21 checkers to use during the game. Whoever chooses the black checkers will get to drop a checker wherever he likes. The red follows after.
  • Each player should only drop one checker piece at a time. This will give you the opportunity to build a horizontal, diagonal or vertical row, or prevent your opponent from doing so.
  • The game ends when a player completes a row of four similar colored checkers or when all forty-two slots in the board have been filled up. This is considered a stalemate.

To clean the board after the game, you simply need to switch a slide to drop all the pieces out of the board and catch them with a box underneath. Then, you can start the game all over again for more fun.

The tricks

Although the rules of Connect Four are pretty easy to learn, a lot of those who tried playing the game admit that mastering it may take some time. But here are some tricks that might just help you win the game:

Always stay in the middle. One of the surest ways to gain early control of the game is to stay in the middle. This is because any four connecting checkers that’s not vertical would require one checker to be from the center column.

So, if you want to give your opponent a hard time getting a connect-four, you have to take control of that middle column.

Take note of your opponent’s moves. Just like other strategy games, you have to keep an eye on your opponent’s every move. This will give you an idea about his strategy, which will make it easier for you to prevent him from winning.

Think ahead. One of the most important strategies for winning Connect Four is to always think ahead or you’ll be left behind by your opponent.

The trick here is to never let your opponent get three checkers in a row. Once he has two checkers in place, place your defense immediately or risk giving him the opportunity to win.

Go for the magic 7. If you want to win fast, you have to get two possible connect-fours in place with the final checker on two spaces that are on top of each other.

To do this, you have to form the magic “7” with your checkers so that your opponent will have a hard time blocking you. If he does, you can play on top to win in the next space available.

The magic “7” formation allows you to finish either horizontally or diagonally on the right with two spaces on top of each other.

Since it was released almost 50 years ago, Connect Four has enjoyed success as one of the best board games anywhere in the world. Through proper strategy and a good eye, you’ll surely get the best chances at winning this simple yet very tricky game.

If you don’t get lucky, you know that you’ll have the best time with whomever you’re playing this amazing game with.

Life Board Game Rules

The Game of Life is a board game that attempts to mimic life and its many aspects and nuances and present it in a fun way. Life is too short to worry too much, so might as well play a game revolving around it.


Simply known as Life, the game was originally created by Milton Bradley in 1860. He called it the Checkered Game of Life which quickly became the first most popular parlor game in America.

This is mainly to do with the fact that a person can stimulate through their life using the board game. From college to retirement and everything else in between, a player can play the game of life.

The modern version of the original game was published in 1960, a century later. Game designer Reuben Klamer created and co-designed the latest version.

Gameplay and preparation

The game can be played by two to six players. It is suitable for children 9 years old and above and adults.

The object of the game is to travel to the different paths of life making different decisions, from earning money and building a family. A player collects LIFE tiles throughout the game.

Whoever has the highest value at the end is declared the winner.

The game has different components, including 25 LIFE tiles and 1 deck of cards. Each LIFE tile is equivalent to a dollar amount that is counted towards the total cash value of a player at the end of the game.

At every start:

  • All LIFE tiles are shuffled and placed life-side-up near the board game.
  • All cards are separated into a career, house deeds, salary, and stocks.
  • One of the players must be chosen as a banker who will give each player 10,000 dollars.
  • Each player must choose a specific car color and then place it on the designated starting space.
  • Each player must first decide if they want to go to college or start a career. Each option comes with specific game preparation procedures to go through.

Once that’s decided, only then the game begins.

Game rules

All players must spin the spinner to decide who takes the first turn. Whoever gets the highest spin gets to play first.

Play will then continue in a clockwise direction.

A player must spin the spinner in every turn. If the needle stops between numbers, a player gets the spin again.

To move through the game board, a player’s car will be moved according to the number of spaces spun.

A car must be moved forward in the direction of the arrows. If a tile is occupied, skip and move to the next empty one.

At every first turn, a player gets to set in motion the plan they made pre-game—start college or start a career.

Start college

  1. A player must first place their car on the START COLLEGE space to signal the start of their game in life.
  2. Then, they must borrow money for tuition from the bank worth $100,000.
  3. A player then spins and moves their car as they would on a regular turn.

Start a career

  1. A player must randomly draw a career card from a deck that is spread out face down
  2. The career card is then placed face up in front of a player. They must then spin the spinner and move their car on a regular turn.

Each space on the game board has specific directions that a player must follow. Some of them are good, some of them aren’t.

A few examples are:

  • Collect/pay spaces indicate whether a player needs to collect from or pay money to the bank the amount specified.
  • Life spaces allow a player to draw a LIFE tile from the pile and place it life-side-up in front of them. When all the pile has been drawn out, a player can take one LIFE tile from any of their opponents.
  • End up at the ‘Lose your Job’ space and a player must trade in their starting card–a Career or College card for a new one.

The game ends when all players have retired. Each one must then add their total value based on the cash and LIFE tiles (worth a dollar amount each) accumulated. Whoever gets the highest total value wins.