How to Play A$$hole (Beer Drinking Game)

beer cans

Asshole is a fun drinking game that uses playing cards that is similar to hearts and bridges game. The aim of the game is to be the first one to empty the hand. The first person to do this becomes the president in the next round while the last person to empty his hand becomes the asshole. It’s a bit complex but really fun once you get the hang of it.


• 4 or more players

• Deck of cards

• Beer

• A cup for each player

• Table

• Asshole hat

Asshole Set up

All the players spread out and sit around the table. The last person in the previous round (Asshole) disperses the cards amongst the players in a clockwise rotation. If there hasn’t been any round before, each player is given a card and the player with the lowest value card is designated as the Asshole.

Special Cards

The cards are ranked from the lowest to the highest like this: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. 2 and 3 are special cards. 2 is a clear card meaning, it clears the round and the played cards are removed by the asshole while the person who played the 2 starts the new round.

If you remain with only 2’s while playing, then you can give them out to any other player who is still playing. If you don’t give it out before the next person plays, then you will have to wait until your turn comes.

3 is a wild card and two 3’s clears the round. After the cards have been dispersed any 3 can be given to another player and the recipient player must take a drink. After giving out the 3’s they can be given to Asshole before the first card is played.

Else you will have to stay with them until the right moment to give them away. A 4 card is a social card and all the players must drink when it’s played. In this game, 2’s are the most powerful followed by Aces, Kings, Queens and so on.

Game Play

When playing for the first time, the players can sit in order. But in subsequent rounds, the president will choose his seat and the other players will follow suit depending on their ranks. The player sitting on the left of the dealer begins by leading a card.

The player on his left will have to play a card that has a higher value or pass his turn to the next player. If the second player plays a card of the same value as the first, then the third person is skipped and he will have to drink beer.

For example, if a player plays a card having a value of 5, then the next player must place a card of higher value than 5. A new round starts when all the players pass or when a player plays a 2.

If all the players are skipped because they cannot beat the card placed, then all the cards are cleared and the play starts again. The last person to play a card leads the next hand.

This continues until all the players have exhausted their cards in their hand. The first player to exhaust his cards is crowned the president in the next round.

While the second becomes the Vice president and the last one becomes the Asshole as the second last becomes the Vice Asshole.

Player Rankings

President: this is the winner of the previous round. He can make any player drink but no one can make him drink. He has the power to add a rule to the game at the beginning of a round. He can command the Asshole to refill his drink at any time. He gives his worst card to the Asshole in exchange for his best.

Vice President: he can make any player drink except the president. Before the start of the game, he can exchange his worst cards with Vice Asshole with the cards of his choice.

Asshole: gives the president two cards of his choosing before the game start. He has to refill the drinks of anyone who requests. His turn is last and he must deal the cards and clear the piles when the hand is over.

Drink whenever the following happens:

• When you get skipped

• When you pass

• When a 2 is played

• Whenever the president or vice president commands you to drink

• Whenever the president calls a “board meeting” everyone drinks.

Game Rules

• All the cards are dealt out (except Jokers) one at a time until they are over

• You are not allowed to leave when the game starts unless the president says so.

• Unless you are playing the first card of the round, any card played should be equal to or higher than the card prior to it.

• If an equal card is played, then the next person in line is skipped and must drink

• Players should sit in a circle and their turns are taken clockwise around the circle