How to Play Jenga: The Adult Version

jenga drinking rules

Any childhood game can be turned into an adult drinking game. And many of them are already causing hostility between families (Monopoly, Uno, Spades, etc.).

But when it comes to what the rules are behind the game, they need to be written down (because once you get into the fun of it you might not remember them anyway), but also so that you can argue later about what is the right way.

Remember there are two version of Jenga, the regular size that fits on the table in the living room, and the “life size” version of it that you can play in the backyard.

So if you are looking for the rules to play Jenga, the drinking version, read on and then have fun, responsibly.

The Regular Rules

When playing Jenga you play by the rules. Starting off that is with the set up. Open the box and read the instructions. Done. However before you get started on the stacking, grab the blocks and a pen, magic marker, whatever you want to use to decorate them and start coming up with ideas.

The Tiles/Blocks

Now that you have laid all the blocks out, get to writing. The idea is that you will write one statement, challenge, or question on each block.

When playing, whatever is written on the block that you chose needs to be completed. Some of them are for you to drink, some of them are for you to challenge others and potentially get them to drink.

We already how the game ends; don’t let the tower fall. If you do let the tower fall you must drink. And then you also have to set up the next game as well.

Here are some ideas to get you started on your party. Some of them are pretty intense, so drink wisely and responsibly.

Depending on what ones you choose maybe you’ll want to play with a group of people or a team. Instead of drinks change it to shots. You can do whatever you can. But we’re here to get you started.

At the bottom of this article there will also be some links in order to find more ideas for what to write on the tiles.

Ideas for the Tiles

  • Give 2 drinks
  • Give 1 drink
  • Take a drink
  • Take 2 drinks
  • Take 5 drinks
  • Finish your drink
  • Ladies/Men drink
  • Staring Contest: First person to blink, drinks
  • 2 truths and 1 lie: Say three statements one of them being false. If the person guesses right, the player drinks. If they guess wrong, they drink.
  • Anti Social: You talk first, you drink.
  • Fortune Teller: Guess who the loser of the game will be. If you get it right, the loser and a person of your choice must drink. If you get it wrong you must drink.
  • Girls/Guys Drink: Pretty obvious
  • Reverse: Change direction of the game
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors: If you lose you drink.
  • Vegans: If you are meatless, drink. (this also works well if you want to put different diets on the tiles, depending on your group of people, everyone knows one Keto, Whole 30, Atkins, etc)
  • 4 Eyes: If you wear glasses or contacts, take a drink
  • Parents: If you are a parent, drink
  • Oldest/Youngest: Pretty self-explanatory. If you are either the oldest or the youngest (two separate blocks), take a drink.
  • Tallest/Shortest: The tallest person or the shortest takes the drink, depending on what was chosen.

Be Responsible

This can be a lot of fun. Like we said, any children’s game can essentially be made into something that involves drinking. While these games are fun, we must remember to drink responsibly and even hand over the keys, order a Lyft/Uber to get home, or have someone who is the designated driver available to you.

That being said, not everyone drinks, so you shouldn’t force it upon him or her. If they want to partake in the game as well (because it will be fun, drinking or not), you’ll want to offer them something else to drink, water, soda, nonalcoholic versions of what everyone else is drinking, etc.

It doesn’t have to be limited to just those who are “partying” someone has to be responsible or maybe they are Sober, and that’s okay too. No one has to be left out.

Have fun and if you are looking for a few more ideas, take a look at the links provided below, they can offer more. Also, just get creative and make some up that are more relevant to your group of people.

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