Rage Cage Rules

Rage Cage

Rage Cage, also known as Stack Cup, is a popular drinking game which largely resembles games like Slap Cup, Boom Cup, and Chandeliers. People who love the game are usually those who find beer pong slow-paced or boring.

This game has a reputation for getting people extremely drunk, and with its fast pace and challenging rules, it is quite exciting as well.

To play Rage Cage, you’ll need to gather at least four players although 7 to 8 would be best. You’ll also require two ping pong balls, 20 or so cups, and a table. The more people there are, the livelier (and messier) it can usually get.

Make sure to increase the number of cups if you have many people playing. About 20+ cups in a group of 6 to 8 people are recommended. Rage Cage can even be played with 30 or so cups! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play the game.

1. Get the Cups Ready

Arrange around 20 to 30 cups closely packed at the center of a table. Fill all the cups except the center one about 1/3 to 1/4 full with whatever you’re going to drink in the game. Most people prefer beer. The center cup needs to be filled whole with the drink.

2. Start Playing!

All players should arrange themselves equally spaced around the table. Chant a backwards countdown from 3 to 1, and the game begins.

Any two players sitting across from each other on opposite sides of the table start the game by drinking from a cup, then each of them must bounce a ping pong ball into their empty cup. This has to be done quickly to keep the game going at its fast pace.

3. Pass It On

Once their ball goes inside the cup, the players will pass it along with the cup clockwise to another player. If the next player succeeds in getting the ball in at the first try, they can pass their cup randomly to anyone except someone who is still bouncing.

4. Stack

Players will continue to bounce the ball into the cup and pass it clockwise (or randomly in case they get the ball in on their first try). This keeps going on until one player bounces the ball inside while another player is still trying.

The successful player will now stack their cup over the other player’s, and the other player will pass on the stack and take a new cup, drink from it, and proceed to bounce the ball into it.

5. Bouncing Into the Wrong Cup

If while trying to land the ping pong ball into your cup you accidentally bounce it into one of the center cups, you need to pick that up, drink from it, stack it over the cup you already had, and continue trying to bounce the ball into it.

This will be a test for your senses as you get further intoxicated and the difficulty also increases due to the heightened (stacked) cup. Pass it forward only when you succeed.

6. Ending the Game

As it continues, the difficulty of Rage Cage keeps increasing because of two reasons. One is that the players get more and more drunk, making it hard to aim the ball inside the cup.

Secondly, the cups keep getting stacked higher and higher, each one increasing the difficulty level of your aim.

The game ends when all the cups are gone except the middle one, stacked over each other.

Further Rules and Tips

  • Keeping around 3 to 4 cups per person is a good estimate for one game.
  • This is a fast-paced game – either you show some speed or you risk getting very drunk by the end.
  • At times, a player might end up with both cups and balls. This happens when they’ve already been failing at bouncing a single ball into the cup and the person next to them succeeds and passes their cup to the already struggling player. This makes them lose the round, and now they must take a cup from the center and drink from it. They also need to choose two players who will have to take the cups and continue the game.
  • Whoever loses the last round has to drink the middle full cup at the center.
  • Responsible drinking is very essential in this game since most people end up entirely wasted and majorly unfit to drive. Always keep a few extra bucks for the cab ride home if you’re going out to play Rage Cage.

Rage On!

There’s nothing like a good party to help you relax, and nothing like a heavy game of Rage Cage to get you hungover. Play by the rules and enjoy the challenge!

Image Source: via Tumblr by mhizznaii