Best Beer Pong Tables – Popular Party Must-Haves

best beer pong tables
If you’re someone who likes to party hard, you must be a fan of beer pong. Where there’s a beer pong table, there’s mischief, because this timeless game has the potential of making parties a hit.

When it comes to buying the best beer pong tables, there are a plethora of options in the market. Not all of them are built to last, though.

Here we have reviewed some of the best beer pong tables that are worth the purchase.

Our Top Picks





PartyPongTables 8-Foot Beer Pong Table

96 x 24 x 28 inches

24.2 pounds

Anodized Aluminum Framing and Legs, Optional Cup Holes, LED Lights, Dry Erase Surface, 4 Dry Erase Pens Included

GoPong 8-Foot Portable Beer Pong/Tailgate Tables

5 x 25 x 25 inches

23.1 pounds

Official Beer Pong Size, Foldable, Cup Holes Present, Available in 4 Versions (Football, Custom Dry-Erase, US Flag, and Black)

Red Cup Pong 8-Foot Beirut Game Table

96 x 24 x 30 inches

23.8 pounds

With Custom Bottle Opener, Ball Rack, and 6 Pong Balls, Foldable with Carrying Handle, Lightweight Aluminum Construction, Easy to Clean, Spill-Resistant

VersaPong Beer Pong Tailgate Table

15 x 6 x 15 inches

1 pound

Two Customizable Racks having Cup Holders, Lightweight, Portable, Backpack Carry Case and Pong Balls Included

Air Pong Inflatable Floating 7-Foot Beer Pong Table

84 x 24 x 6 inches

7 pounds

Inflatable Vinyl Construction, Built-in Cooler with Cover, Supportive Triangles to Elevate Racks Included, Very Light and Portable

PartyPongTables 8-Foot Beer Pong Table

If you need to know about the hottest-selling beer pong tables on the market, have a look at the 8-foot tables by This is a company that has been actively manufacturing and selling beer pong tables for over a decade. These tables are available in a variety of styles – with and without LED lights, with and without cup holders, and there are also tables having USA flag graphics.

Each feature has been well-designed to add life to the game. For instance, the LED lights feature on some versions of the table offers lights of 16 different colors, glowing in 4 modes (flashes, solid, fading, etc). Even the glowing speed and brightness are adjustable. This feature requires 3AA batteries for each side.

Integrated holes for the cups are another convenient feature to avoid spills and messes. However, splashing of beer is normal in the game, which is why the table is laminated with wax for a waterproof surface.

The tables are built to last with anodized aluminum frame and legs for extra durability. Their resistance to temperature and force has made them a sturdy option among beer pong tables available in the market. While it is marketed as being water-resistant, customers have complained or warping of the surface after spillage. The table has a dry-erase surface and 4 dry-erase markers come included in the package. Also present is an attached pong ball holder with 6 party pong balls.

The adjustable height feature has three settings for a customized game. Once you’re done playing or you want to take it along to a party, you can fold the entire 24-pound table into a 2-ft by 2-ft case for extra portability or convenient storage.

With their majority of positive ratings and the wide range of features, these tables can serve you well if you handle with care. Just follow the rules listed with the table, and get that party started!


  • Durable design
  • Attractive lighting features (optional)
  • Foldable into a briefcase-style 2-foot square
  • Resistant to liquids
  • Dry-erase markers and pong balls included
  • Adjustable at three different heights


  • Complaints of warping/blistering at the corners which aren’t water-resistant

GoPong 8 Foot Portable Beer Pong / Tailgate Tables (Black, Football, American Flag, or Custom Dry Erase)

Among the best beer pong tables, the GoPong 8-Foot Table ranks high. It is available in Black, Football, US flag, and custom dry-erase versions.

This one also has cup holes to avoid messes and spillage. If you use the table with care and clean up any spills immediately, it can last you long. The dry-erase surface has the advantage of helping you customize your table with doodles or caricatures, making your party even more fun. 4 dry-erase markets and 6 pong balls are included as part of the package.

Made of lightweight aluminum, the table is designed to be extra portable, being foldable into a 2-foot briefcase just like the table. Overall, it’s a good choice if only you’re proactive and clear any spills before they ruin your table!


  • Foldable and portable
  • Inclusive of 6 pong balls an dry-erase markers
  • Cup holders to avoid spills and mess


  • Few complaints of the height being lesser than that of normal tables
  • Cannot withstand liquids for long; may get damaged
  • Folding the table usually isn’t easy

Red Cup Pong 8-Foot Beirut Game Table

This is another one of the best beer pong tables, with its standard 8-foot length to help you party at your fullest. The Red Cup Pong Table has a number of great features incorporated into its design for your fun and convenience.

Firstly, the lightweight aluminum construction adds to its portability, as does the foldable style to make it compact during storage or transportation under only a minute. It even has a carrying handle so you can go around while taking it along briefcase-style.

Also present is a bottle opener to keep the game going without a hitch as you and your friends have a blast. A ball rack having 6 pong balls comes as part of the package. Before you get excited about this, though, customers have noticed that it is actually only a pool noodle with double-sided tape to hold the pong balls.

The surface of the table is resistant to spills, and easy to clean as well. The table is available in four different kind of graphics of which you can select the best one according to your preference.

A setback is the decals on the table which customers have often found to be low-quality and peeling. Otherwise, this is a decent choice as far as beer pong tables are concerned.


  • Foldable for extra storage and portability
  • A bottle opener comes included in the package
  • Lightweight aluminum construction


  • The decals aren’t well-finished and may start peeling soon
  • Some customers don’t give credit to this table in terms of durability

Versapong Portable Beer Pong Table / Tailgate Game

For anyone searching for one of the best beer pong tables that is lightweight, portable, and budget-friendly as well, here is a fun, although unconventional option. The Veraspong Portable Beer Pong Table comes actually as two separate triangular cup holder racks attached to tripods.

The portable, versatile racks are much smaller and lighter than a regular beer pong table, and can work for those who are short on space or need something they can easily carry to different locations. These white racks are made of ABS plastic, while the legs of the tripods are made of furniture-grade PVC tubes.

The downside, of course, would be no bouncing table trick shots. On the up side, the cup holder fits well enough to make pouring drinks into the cups totally optional – they’ll stay in place anyway!

The package includes beer pong balls and a convenient carrying case which holds the disassembled product compactly. This table is a good choice if you don’t want anything that is bulky or occupies too much space.


  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Convenient carrying case and pong balls included
  • The racks will hold cups steady whether you pour drinks in them or not
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble for compact storage/transport


  • Few complaints of not being sturdy enough

Air Pong The Table, Inflatable Beer Pong Cooler, by PongHead

As if parties with regular beer pong tables weren’t fun enough, here’s an inflatable one that floats on water! The Air Pong Table will make sure you have a splash with its 7-foot length, built-in cooler, and free plastic racks.

Made of vinyl material, it is lightweight and portable enough to carry to any pool party so you can have a blast. Right in the center of the raft is a built-in cooer you can load with ice and 18+ beverages.

Two plastic racks and two inflatable triangle pieces also come as part of the package to support the racks. Their usage is optional since they are just there to increase the height of the racks. If you can make do with the cups a bit sunken into the holders, you can skip the usage of these triangles.

While the ratings seem to be high enough, there are still few complaints by previous customers. However, the table has a new-and-improved 2019 version in which the manufacturer claims to have corrected the few previous flaws.

All in all, a great option if you want to be a part of some seriously lively pool parties with cold beverages available at hand.


  • Great for pool parties
  • The cooler can come in handy for refills or just to keep your drinks cold
  • Very light and portable


  • Few complaints of leakage/defective products

How to Buy the Best Beer Pong Table – A Guide to Making the Most of Your Purchase

While all of the tables above are doing great for most people, not all might work for you. There are certain things to take care of before you make a definite purchase of the best beer pong table:


What fun is a flimsy table that falls apart in the first few games? You need to take note of the table’s sturdiness. If possible, check customer reviews to see if the table you’re considering to purchase has lasted them for a good amount of time.


If you have no issues of space, you can go ahead and skip this. However, it is always better to have an idea of the size of the product you’re purchasing.

Measure the area you have in mind to accommodate your table, and see if the dimensions of your choice of table are compatible.


High-quality tables often fold in a small briefcase style to facilitate portability and storage. If you’ll be needing to take your table outside the house or get it out of your way into storage, folding tables are worth considering.

A lightweight table is a good choice if you plan on taking it to parties or picnics, while a sturdy home table is usually better if you can accommodate a piece of furniture in your house.

Resistance to Spills

Some tables are marketed as being waterproof or laminated, but liquids do seep inside the laminate and cause warping of the surface. Spill-resistance is a great feature since beer pong is a messy game, and liquids do slosh even when the cups are placed securely in their holes.

Extra Effects

Light and sound effects add thrill to the game, impress your guests, and make parties more exciting! If you can afford a good table with such special effects, go for it. If it isn’t something you value, go for any regular table.

There are also some inflatable beer pong tables available in the market. If you are a frequent guest or host of pool parties, you can buy one of those to make it livelier that ever.

Customer Reviews

If you want to be certain about your purchase, it’s always best to go through customer reviews before making a decision. These can be useful in guiding you whether to avoid a product or go ahead and buy it with confidence.

Make Your Party the Talk of the Town

Once you own one of the best beer pong tables in the market, it is easy to predict that your parties will have the potential to be big hits. A bunch of friends, beer pong, food, and music – no better way to spend the weekend!