Drunk UNO Game Rules

drunk uno game

Having a beer in a group and cracking jokes is fun and helps you forget your worries for a while. But you can pump more fun into social drinking by playing the drunk Uno game.

To play the game here are the few things you need;
• 3 to 10 playing partners
• A deck of Uno cards; contains about 108 cards excluding the fun action cards
• A crate or two of beer or your favorite alcoholic drink

All together the pack contains 5 different types of cards;

Reverse cards, which have the effect of reversing the order of playing the game. For example, if it was rotating clockwise, reverse card causes it to go anticlockwise
Skip a turn, when played it causes the subsequent partner to miss his turn.

Wild card; gives a player the privilege of choosing which card color to play. Furthermore, you can play the wild card at any moment of the game when you don’t have the matching card

Pick up two cards; when played, the partner in the next round misses a turn but take 2 drinks

Wild pick up four cards; when you play the card, you get to dictate which card color to continue in the game. At the same time, the subsequent player misses a turn but picks up 4. But if after picking 4 the next person plays 4, then the subsequent player must pick an 8.

So how do you kick off the game?

The dealer has to issue out 7 cards to each player. Then the first player to the left side of the dealer begins the competition.

How does one become the dealer then?

The playing partners have to pick cards from the pile. Whoever picks the card with the highest number becomes the dealer. But if two players lead but tie in their picks, then they’ll have to choose a card again.

The topmost card from the pile is turned up to reveal the face. The first player must then kick start the game. He has to choose a card from his hand to match the topmost card on the pile being played. The similarity can be on the basis of color or number.

But in addition, he can also match it with a wild or +4 action cards. Otherwise, if he fails to do so then he must get one drink then pick a card from the draw pile. Then the next player takes his turn.

What marks the end of the game?

When a player has issued out all but one card, then the game comes to an end and he must yell you “Uno.” Otherwise, if he fails to yell so then he has to take four drinks and pick up his cards again.

Below are further rules that make the game even exciting.

Further rules of drunk Uno game

    1. In the rules of the game, one drink means one mouthful gulp of beer.

    2. Whenever it’s your turn to play and you can’t produce the matching card from your hand, you have to take a drink, and then pick a card. The process continues until you match the card.

    3. The +2 cards force a player to take 2 drinks

    4. The +4 card similarly forces a player to take four drinks

    5. If you fail to notice it’s your turn to play or can’t remember the color of the card you have to draw from your pack, then before you seek clarification you have to drink.

    6. Whenever you run short of cards, then you can reshuffle the already played cards and continue with the game.

    7. After the winner is declared the rest of the players take counts of their cards. Each card that remains in your hands translates into a drink. The +2 and +4 hold a number of drinks equal to their value.

    8. Whenever a player plays the card that matches in both color and action, the entire team celebrates. Each person takes a drink.

    9. When your pack of Uno cards has a blank card, you can get creative and make up your own rule of the game


The drunk UNO is an exciting social game to play with your friends. Most people come up with slight variations of the game. The above rules therefore only give you a guideline.

You can get creative and pump more excitement into the game.

So do you wish to try the game? Then gather 3 or more willing partners and experience the excitement!