Cards Against Humanity Rules: How to Play Cards Against Humanity

cards against humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a hilarious game that can be played with friends while relaxing. It is a game that requires the players to fill-in-the-blank statements found in black cards.

This game involves the use of vulgar, offensive, and sometimes politically incorrect words so, don’t play it if you are not comfortable with this.

This game was created by a group of Highland Park High School alumni as a party game. It can be played while drinking for more fun or played without drinks. We shall try to see both versions.


• Cards Against Humanity – Black and White cards arranged in two piles

• Players: No specific number as long as the group is manageable and there are enough cards for all of them.

Game set up

The game starts by first choosing the card Czar. The person that pooped most recently becomes the card Czar. Each player draws 10 white cards face down. The players are informed of the game rules before the game starts.

Playing the Game

The Czar draws a black card and reads out loud the fill-in-the-blank statements on the black card. The players fill the blank statements by passing one white card face down to the Czar. The Czar shuffles all the white cards and reads out the statement from the black card once more before reading the answers on the white cards.

He reads out the answers from the white cards and picks the funniest answer. The owner of the white card picked is given the black card to keep as an Awesome point. After the round ends, a new Czar is picked and players draw cards to a total of 10 cards to continue.

Pick 2’s

Some black cards are written pick 2 at the bottom. To answer this card, a player is required to give two answers (two white cards). They should be placed in the order that the Czar should read them because the order matters. Players can use paper clips to hold the white cards together in the right order. If players gave out 2 cards, then they will have to draw one card from the deck.


If you have two answers from your white cards that you feel can answer the question from the black card, you can bet one of your Awesome points to play an extra white card. If you win, you keep your point. But if you lose the person who won will keep the point you gambled.

Winning the game

This is a non-competitive game. Players play until they are tired. But to have a defined ending point, you can play until you have a player with 6 or 7 Awesome points. Actually whoever will have the most Awesome points at the end of the game becomes the winner. And obviously, the player with the least Awesome points becomes the looser.

Cards Against Humanity Game Rules

As usual, every game has some basic rules to enable a smooth play of the game. Here are some of the common rules of Cards Against Humanity:

Happy Ending

Whenever you want to end the game, you have to play “Make Haiku” black card. This is the official ceremonial way of ending the game in Cards Against Humanity. This card should always be reserved for the end and it doesn’t have to follow the 5-7-5 form.

Rebooting the Universe

At any time players may want to trade their Awesome points for new white cards from the deck. The player can draw the cards to a total of 10.

Packing Heat

After a Pick 2 card, players have to draw an extra before playing the round. This gives them more options.

Rando Cardrissian

In every round, players pick one white card from the pile and place it into play. This card belongs to an imaginary player known as Rando Cardrissian. If he wins the game, the players go home in a state of shame.

God is dead

Players play without a card Czar. Every player picks his favorite card each round. The card with the most votes wins.

Survival for the fittest

After the players have played their cards, they take the turn to eliminate one card each. The last remaining card wins.

Never Have I Ever

Players at some point may discard cards that they don’t understand. They have to confess their ignorance and suffer the resulting humiliation from the other players.

Serious Business

This rule states that the card Czar ranks the top 3 cards in order instead of picking the favorite. The best card gets 3 Awesome points, the second gets 2 and the third gets 1. He keeps a running tally of the score and at the end of the game, the player with the most Awesome points wins the game.

Cards Against Humanity Drinking Game Rules

The gameplay and the rules are the same except there are situations where the players have to drink. Drinking happens:

• When you lose your gambling point, you take a shot

• After playing the “Make Haiku” black card everyone finishes their drinks

• During the Reboot of the universe where players are trading their Awesome points for new white cards from the deck. They can take a shot.

• If Rando Cardrissian the imaginary player wins, everyone has to drink.

• When a player discards cards he doesn’t understand, he has to drink a quarter of a beer before making his confession.