The Rules Of Indian Poker Drinking Game

indian poker

The game of Poker is not a new trend among those who love to play cards. In fact, Poker and drinking games are common among friends who want to have some fun and enjoy the company of each other during a house party.

Variation Of Poker

A number of variations of the game of Poker have been used to conduct different drinking games all around the world. One of these is the Indian Poker, which has become a popular variation of the classic Poker game that people love.

Basically, these games are played at special occasions like parties in which alcoholic beverages are made available during the game. As a matter of fact, it is considered a requirement to attain ultimate gameplay.

Moreover, six to ten persons can make this game even more exciting. Many people like this type of game because they are able to read faces. Literally, they can predict which cards can best give them an advantage and which do not based on the reactions on the faces of other players.

So one important question when playing this game is how well you can hold on a straight face when your opponent keeps raising while holding the 2 or hearts.

Blind Man’s Bluff

Indian Poker is also referred to as Blind Man’s Bluff, which is also a classic variation of the game of Poker. The history of Blind Man’s Bluff dates back 2,000 years ago in Greece with a number of variations all around Europe.

It is called blind fly in Italy, blind cow in Germany, blind buck in Sweden, blind hen in Spain, and colin-maillard in France. Basically, it requires one player to be blindfolded while being spun around a number of times.

The rest of the players will dodge away from him or her as they call out to the blind man amusingly. A player caught or touched by the blind man will take on the blindfold. But sometimes the blind man must be able to identify that person before he or she goes free.

How To Play Indian Poker

In order to play the game, each player will put an ante, which is usually 1 dollar to get started.

  • First, the dealer will have to deal the cards using a deck of cards to each of the players around the table
  • Players will be required to put the card face up on their forehead using one hand. So all players will be able to see except their own cards. These cards will remain there until the round ends. If a player will be tempted to take a peek at the card, he or she will be eliminated from the game and loses the ante.
  • So starting from the dealer, each of the players should place their bets or they can prefer to fold. The decisions will be based on what they believe is best for their own against other players.
  • When all bets are placed, each one will look at their hands and voila! The high card takes the money in the pot.
  • The game will continue, as the next person to the left will have to deal out the remaining cards. But the cards that have been used previously will no longer be counted. This will carry on until there is nothing left on the deck.

Rules Involved In Indian Poker Drinking Game

This is the part when the drinking starts to get really challenging. Since other players can see your card except you, it is your decision to make if you are going to join the next round or just fold. Just make sure that you have the highest card in the round, which should be an Ace.

The round will continue after the player to the left of the dealer has decided whether or not he or she will fold first. This will continue until everybody has already made a decision. After doing so, the cards must be placed on the table.

  • So the player with the highest card will win the round.
  • If a player has folded and had a lower card than the winner, he or she will drink 2
  • But any player that has folded with a higher card than the one who won, then he or she will have to drink the value of the card
  • However, anybody who did not fold and lost will have to drink the difference between their card and the card of the winner

This is indeed a fairly simple game that should be a great way to wrap up a night of drinking.

Overall, the game is fun, but it is always important to be responsible when you drink. As a matter of fact, this alcohol drinking game is not intended to make you sick because of the over consumption of liquor or alcohol.